Bargain Books?

Bargain Books?

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Books | 2 comments

Boy's Book of MagicI sometimes think we’re too cheap. Just had an email from a bookseller offering a copy of the 1957 edition of The Boy’s Book of Magic at £67.99. I have in stock the 1956 edition at £7.50 (plus postage).

Good book though. Probably the first magic book I ever owned. It cost 7s 6d (38p) back then. So I suppose we’re still making a pretty good mark-up…


  1. Does that mean you should judge a book by it’s its cover or not???

  2. About the same degree as to judging a book by its title. Although a book and its cover are soon parted. And some may say a cover is only as strong as its weakest book. Or others that empty books need the most covers. Or was that empty tricks need the flashiest promos? Indubitably.

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