Bizarre Magick?

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Had a phone call earlier today from someone commenting on the strange messages I’ve been getting on the About Magick section of this blog. (Click here to have look.) They seemed to be hinting that this was some peculiar publicity stunt I was engaging in. (Me… publicity?)

I can assure you that these are all genuine posts I have received. They’re doubtless produced by some kind of poorly designed blog-posting spambot and I should of course delete them immediately. Most of them I do delete, but some have been so odd that I thought I’d reply.

No answers yet though.



  1. Hi Russ, Many thanks for the contact to the guy i France who wanted a ‘Grismer Lock’. He did get back to me and buy one, so many thanks for that. They seem to be selling very well at the moment, mainly due in part to the new Richard Osterlind DVDs which feature the ‘Grismer Lock’. Hope to see you and the lads again before Christmas. Really enjoy reading your blog by the way. Best, Steve.

    • Happy to hear sales are goiung well for you. And thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Have you ever thought of doing a blog yourself. I’m sure you’d have much of interest to say about the current magic scene!

      • Hi 9again) Russ, Thanks for that. Never really thought about a blog, but might be a good idea. Just acquired two very nice Ian Rowland items: his superb (free!) lecture notes, and his now OOP booklet’ Sense of Touch’. Very, very nice, and totally unique principle I believe. A rarity indeed in magic !


  1. wicca - wicca... [...]Bizarre Magick? « Magick Words[...]...

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