Four-Star Collectables Tonight!

Four-Star Collectables Tonight!

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Meant to post this earlier, but better late…

It’s the Sheffield Circle’s magic auction night tonight at the Lounge… the perfect opportunity to get rid of the stuff you can’t perform (except for those still performing it). Free admission for non-members in good standing.

Just posted an event invitation for this on Facebook and received an email:

“… moved a box the other day with **** in it that I bought 15 years ago at one of them! – err collectables I invested in…”

Well, I reckon one man’s **** is another man’s four-star entertainment spectacular.

Then I’ve always been an optimist. (It was top of the list of necessary qualifications for becoming a magic dealer. In Sheffield.)

Here is an action shot of the author auctioning an item to one of the many keen bidders (including telephone bidders) at this evening’s event…

20120202-082056 PM.jpg

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Hare-Brained Mentalism

Hare-Brained Mentalism

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Chris Hare: Mind Boggler

Chris Hare is an astounding entertainer who employs unique mind-reading techniques to great effect. The routines performed in his Mind Boggler show have been created Chris himself; you are unlikely to see them anywhere else. Recently at The Magic Circle a magician offered him £1000 for the secret of one of his mind effects.

The Mind Boggler show has entertained people all over the world. Chris has also made several television appearances and is the author of Sensational Memory.

By combining his technical skills with humour and showmanship Chris Hare is able to entertain and stun his audiences. Now you have the opportunity to learn from this world-class performer in the comfort of your own local Magick Lounge!

The Chris Hare Lecture is here at The Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield S2 5TG, on Thursday 19 January at 7.30 p.m.  Admission £10, or free to members in good or excellent standing of the Sheffield Circle of Magicians. Doors open at 7.07 as usual, but ring the secret bell if I’m still having my dinner.

Come and be boggled, entertained and educated… all for a tenner!

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Bizarre Magick?

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Had a phone call earlier today from someone commenting on the strange messages I’ve been getting on the About Magick section of this blog. (Click here to have look.) They seemed to be hinting that this was some peculiar publicity stunt I was engaging in. (Me… publicity?)

I can assure you that these are all genuine posts I have received. They’re doubtless produced by some kind of poorly designed blog-posting spambot and I should of course delete them immediately. Most of them I do delete, but some have been so odd that I thought I’d reply.

No answers yet though.


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Peter Wardell at The Magick Lounge

Peter Wardell at The Magick Lounge

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Steve Faulkner’s monthly magic nights at the Greystones, Sheffield, continue to go from strength to strength. On Monday and Tuesday 28 and 29 November you can see a great triple bill featuring comedy magician Noel Britten, gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo and the multiple award-winning Peter Wardell. Tickets are available from

Don’t shoot off to buy tickets just yet though, we’ve got more great news for you. On the Sunday night before the show nights, through the good offices of Steve Faulkner, the Lounge is hosting a lecture by Peter Wardell.

Peter is the Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year 2010 and Close-up Magician of the Year 2009.  He is the only magician ever to achieve both titles. And 2001 he became International Close-up Magician of the Year. So he knows his stuff.

Peter’s lecture will cover a range of material suitable for close-up and cabaret magic performance. It’s sure to be an entertaning and informative evening that you’d be mad to miss.

The lecture is on Sunday the 27th of November here at The Magick Lounge, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield, S2 5TG. It starts at 7:30 p.m. It’s a Sheffield Circle of Magicians event, extra to the syllabus, so is free to SCM Members and £10 to visiting magicians.

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